Femmobiles 2: Double FATure

People can't seem to get enough of immobile women, or maybe its just people can't get enough woman no matter what :) This is my sequel to Femmobiles and hopefully it'll help satisfy that particular lust people have for girls getting BIG. This time around I've chosen to focus on a couple of sequences with stories to them. Though we have a new animated gif for those who need a bit more motion.

First you can experience immense weight gain from a first hand perspective in Erin's End.

After that learn more about mysterious Morphasian Sach's schemes in Amelia Getting it All!

Both part of Femmobiles 2: Double FATure.

More than 20 images featuring a 9 part and a 7 part weight gain sequence, a new animated gif, and 2 brand new sexy stories.

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